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Audits are designed to provide assurance to stakeholders that the financial statements of an entity are fairly presented in all material respects. There many types of audits. I most often asked to perform “financial audits”. For general use this is the highest form of assurance. 
Review engagements are designed to provide a limited level of assurance, usually based on “general accepted accounting principals”. The Chartered Professional Accountants state : “The objective is to obtain limited assurance, primarily by performing inquiry and analytical procedures, about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement, thereby enabling the practitioner to express a conclusion on whether anything has come to the practitioner’s attention that causes the practitioner to believe the financial statements are not prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework; and report on the financial statements as a whole and communicate as required by ” Canadian Standard for Review Engagements”.
Compilations of financial statements carry the lowest form of assurance. They are the cheapest to perform and often the most effective. They often do not follow “general accepted accounting principals” and usually are for tax purposes.
Tax advisory is a “catch word” for everything related to tax counsel and things that are not. Corporate structures, re-organizations, rollovers, succession planning, etc…. There really is no limit to the subject.